Jan 25, 2015

Blinkbox Test team outing Dec 2014

Had a great time with the blinkbox Books QA team & Mo - bowling, pool, game machines and drinks!  :)

Can't believe team grew so quickly, scaling its skill-set and professionalism level at the same time: from 2 people in early-2013 (Dhaval and Ankur) up to 12 people in mid-2014

Very proud to work (or to have been worked) with you guys!

Interesting fact:
  • For a few months in 2014, there were 4 people called Alex (AlexA, AlexB, AlexI, AlexJ) working in the blinkbox Books engineering team, with 3 of them - in the Test team.

Nov 18, 2013

Silicon MilkRoundabout - 16-17 Nov 2013

We are hiring: http://jobs.blinkbox.com/

Join our great team and enjoy working with us :-)


OReilly Velocity: Web Performance and Operations - 14-15 Nov 2013

Interesting new experience of a big sponsored software conference in London (in comparison with events such as GTAC and SeleniumConf, which are affordable and very developer and open-source community focused).

Impressive and very refreshing. Took out a few interesting thoughts, takeaways, books and new contacts.


Dec 1, 2012

BDD Intro, Nov 2012

I was kindly invited by Gwen Stewart to meet up with her team at Microsoft and share my experience with Behaviour Driven Development and agile dev process.

High level BDD intro and experience exchange with MSN websites and Win 8 apps teams. Thanks for the invitation and nice evening session with crisps and beers.
@Microsoft, London Victoria, Thu 29 November 2012.

Nov 1, 2012

Your Own Personal Daisy

or "IntEng Team Event Oct 2012"

Expedia IntEng is a really great team to work in and have fun with. We had a lovely team outing in April, went for a canoeing exercise in the Lake Washington. Apparently it was not enough and we did a proper team building which included a little bit of swimming and a great canoe team rescuing. That was exciting!

We had another team event in October: we visited the glass museum and EMP, where the new super star rock band was formed.

 It has become world-famous since then, its name is "Personal Daisy", first live performance: 17 October 2012, Seattle, WA.

Personal Daisy, 17 Oct 2012

Sep 17, 2012

ALE 2012 Unconference, Barcelona, 29-31 August 2012

I've got a great new experience of unconferencing within a purely agile community (process oriented agile coaches were the biggest part of the audience).
European technology & agile communities are fab, thanks for the great conference folks!

My pics are available here: http://goo.gl/4NYXL

ALE2012 References: